[VHFcontesting] Newbies and ham clubs - Update

Bill Burgess ve3cru at rac.ca
Thu Mar 1 11:43:00 EST 2007

Earlier, I addressed 4 clubs I have given presentations to.  I overlooked an important fifth.  That is the Hart House Amateur Radio Club at the University of Toronto.  The original VE3CRU was an Engineering grad and HHARC member and we operated from the HHARC farm north of Toronto too.  This club in the past has raised some prominent hams well known in the VHF spectrum in addition to Hans VE3CRU.  To name a few, Steve VE3SMA who inputs here at times, Dana VE3DSS/VE3KU, Arthur VE3VZ and more.  I was at the HHARC Field Day last June and used the club's Icom 910-H on all 3 bands, and a spare was there won earlier by a club member.  Nice rig!  These hams have lots of drive and ambition and I am always happy to seek them out and loan them antennas and my ProII to work alongside their ProII at FD.

Several university ham clubs operate in hf contests too including School Club Roundup, and many American schools have ham clubs to help raise the interest.
Help them out too.  We need them.


Bill   VE3CRU

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