[VHFcontesting] Quick APRS comment

Rogers, Ron RR124640 at ncr.com
Thu Mar 1 15:56:08 EST 2007

My entire family IS licensed. 

And, when the vehicle gets shut off, so does the APRS system.

But, beyond that I can also act as control operator via an auxiliary UHF
receiver in the APRS packages. I can control through my one UHF
repeaters to send control codes to my APRS packages.


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Isn't this a violation of Part 97 rules unless you have a licensed ham
in the car to serve as the control operator, or some way to remotely
control the transmitter and turn it off, if necessary.

73s John W5TD

--- "Rogers, Ron" <RR124640 at ncr.com> wrote:

> It has even been handy for some personal benefit, such as using the 
> "path tracking" feature on one of the APRS websites to observe the 
> route my teenager took, speeds, etc. when he borrows one of the family

> vehicles.

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