[VHFcontesting] FT857D vs 706MKIIG

Eric Smith kb7dqh at donobi.net
Thu Mar 1 20:29:40 EST 2007

My experience is with the "electronically similar" FT
897D... Runs circles around my Icom 706 MkIIg... I now have
TWO of the FT 897's in my "super rover".  Shortly after the
CQ Ham Radio Japan writeup, I pulled the Icom 706 out
because the transmitter noise on 432 was tearing up the RX
on all the other radios.  The Yaesus are much quieter, much
more stable, better dynamic range and RX sensetivity, and
MUCH easier to interface transverters.  The rig even has
two memory locations you can store transverter frequency
displays!  The ability to set proper microphone gains for
SSB and FM... etc. etc. etc.


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