[VHFcontesting] 847 comments

Joshua M. Arritt jarritt at vt.edu
Fri Mar 16 09:46:51 EST 2007

al goss wrote:
> I totally disagree with you comments.  My 847 was a great rig--used in 
> many CW contests, a few SSB Tests...no problems from adjacent STRONG 
> stations.
> Was a 847 blast "in your opinion",  every radio coming off the line is 
> different.
FB Al.  Glad your 847 is a good one.  Yep, it's true that there are 
differences between same-model rigs as they roll off the line.  Perhaps 
the one we used was a bit flaky. 

And I certainly don't claim my comments on the radio as gospel -- in 
fact, I will gladly disclaim them as petty nit-picky opinion, yes!  
Despite my report of a poor contest experience with the rig, I really 
like the 847.  It's a very versatile and capable radio for the price.  
If I was in the market for such a rig, I wouldn't dismiss it despite my 

> .....
> Same for 706's ;  lots of bad one's with all sorts of problems but 
> most the guys have nothing to compare it to.
I'd make the same poor selectivity comments about the '706.  But again, 
versatility to price, it's a handy rig.  Certainly not the most ideal 
contest radio. 

> Won't go into what I am using...makes no difference.  Perhaps you 
> should state "in my opinion" in future.  My rig is "in demand" but I 
> find lots of problems with it...some may be due my location in the city.
> 73 k2erg FN13
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