[VHFcontesting] 847 comments

Nate Duehr nate at natetech.com
Tue Mar 20 16:54:51 EST 2007

Continuing the FT-847 comments...

My FT-847 was the majority of my contacts from the WY0X Rover last
year... it was the primary 6m/2m/70cm rig, and performed flawlessly.

The year before, we had a deaf receiver at W0KVA on the primary 6m
station, and the FT-847 performed fine as the backup 6m rig that year,

I would like to try out the INRAD filters in it, but have never needed
them, so far... never had any problems with AGC pumping from strong
side-signals yet, but I do have to put the "DSP between my ears" to
the task and work a bit for contacts in busy band conditions...
nothing a good operator can't handle, though... and I've heard MUCH
worse rigs...

I recommend a better mic -- especially for contests.  I'm using a Heil
older-style single-ear headset.

Additionally there's a modification to lower the value of the resistor
on the headset output jack -- the headset output is far too low for
Rover work... however you can simply feed the headset from the rear
speaker output with the right cables, and that's got PLENTY of audio
present there... I just haven't done the mod yet... I may never... why
hack up the rig when a $1 cable/adapter/extension fixes the problem?

Nate WY0X

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