[VHFcontesting] 6 meter sprint results

lee bradshaw k4uva at comcast.net
Sun May 13 08:05:11 EDT 2007

It was a disappointing sprint here as the afternoon thunderstorms
prevented me from putting up the yagi and hard line. I had to go with
the Par omniangle in the tree. Conditions were pretty bad, lots of
static crashes and white noise. I could barely here Steve W4SHG an hour
north of me. I called cq without much result. I think I had two contacts
from calling, the rest were search and pounce. Did work NP4A and he was
loud! Enjoyed the sprint none the less, I only wish conditions could
have been similar to what they were the last few days!

See you in June from W4IY mountaintop in FM08!

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