[VHFcontesting] KB8U 6m sprint results

kb8u vhf kb8u_vhf at hotmail.com
Sun May 13 12:01:38 EDT 2007

27 grids, 74 QSOs.  Two Es skip QSO:  KP4EIT (double hop!) and W4MAY (single 
hop).  W4MAY and I were apparently calling CQ on the same frequency when the 
band opened.  I quickly jumped to 50125 and made a CQ announcing the 
frequency I was going to and anticipated a pile up... but there was nothing 
but hiss coming out of the speaker, and no other signals via E skip on the 
band.  W4MAY faded out in a few minutes and that was the end of that.

Tropo was about average.  I did manage to work some rovers which really 
helped the grid square total.  I worked all the nearby grids but never did 
work my own grid!

Hopefully the June contest will be a bit more lively.  It was fun anyway.

73, Russ

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