[VHFcontesting] Florida Activity?

John Isenberg ihi at frontiernet.net
Wed May 23 13:26:06 EDT 2007


I suggest you contact Chuck Hoover K0VXM on Merritt Island.  He is pretty
much the resident expert in UHF and microwave in the central Florida area.
He runs an open net on 432.100 on Thursday evenings (I think at 8:30).  I am
currently at home in New York state, but plan to go to Florida around June 4
or so and be there for the June Contest.  My son in law and I plan to go
Roving in EL97, EL98, EL99 and probably EL89, EM80 and EM90 during the
contest.  Hopefully we will be working you.  we are on all bands up to

My prior history with VHF/UHF in Florida is very limited, but from what I
have seen activity is rather sparse. I think it has been picking up a bit
One problem I see is that I am used to 2000 to 3800 foot high mountains in
the northeast and I think the max in Florida is around 250.
Not sure what propagation distances will be like.

73 and good luck in the contest



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> I'm engaged in a move from Dallas to Orlando.  I will be in Florida around
> the 1st of June.  Is there any VHF+ activity in Florida?  I am considering
> roving with 6m-3GHz, but I just have no idea what the activity level is. 
> Any
> ideas?
> 73,
> Steve
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