[VHFcontesting] Icom 746 in contest conditions

John Geiger n5ten at yahoo.com
Tue May 29 12:42:35 EDT 2007

What are other's experiences with using an Icom 746 on
HF and VHF contesting?  I have found one at a good
price, and am considering buying it.  

I am currently running a Kenwood TS690SAT with
cascaded CW filters, and it did an excellent job this
past weekend in the CQWPX contest.  

The internal tuner is also legandary in this rig (much
better than the one in the 746).  Would the 746 be a
significant upgrade over a 690/450 on HF?  The 100
watts on 2m would be nice.

Also, has anyone been able to do a side by side
comparison of the Icom 746 and 756 original?  The
Sherwood engineering specs make the 746 look much
better.  The dual watch and bandscope on the 756 would
be nice, though.

73s John W5TD

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