[VHFcontesting] KR7O/R in the Caribbean, June contest

kr7o at vhfdx.com kr7o at vhfdx.com
Tue May 29 13:43:48 EDT 2007

I will be /Rover for the contest in KP4 on 6/9 and I hope to hit 
FK67/77/68/78 in KP4.  Then early Sunday AM, I will fly to KP2 (FK77, St. 
Croix) for the last day of the contest.  If you know of any hams in KP4 
that would be interested in roving please let me know as that would be an 
asset to me as I have never been to KP4 before, so navigation will be an 
added challenge.  In KP4 I will have 100w to a 3 el yagi on 6m and 100w to 
a HO loop on 2m.  After I land in KP2 I will pick up my 5el M2 for 6 and 
7el M2 for 2m.  I hope to be available on 6/2m meteor scatter on Sunday AM 
with WSJT.

Please note.  I will not sign /KP2 or /KP4 during the contest so that I can 
enter one combined rover score.  I know this will cause some confusion, but 
it is not required by law and KR7O Portable KP# /Rover is way too 
verbose.  The following week I will be in KP2 with possible side trips to 
PJ8/FS and/or VP2V.

Hope to catch you from the islands.

73, Robert KR7O/YB2ARO, DM07ba/OI52ee  (ex.  N7STU)
kr7o at vhfdx.com

www.vhfdx.com (KR7O/YB2ARO homepages)

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