[VHFcontesting] 6M Sprint UTC Time Question

R Johnson k1vu at tmlp.com
Sat Nov 3 16:38:36 EST 2007

I had one of the new Hams in our club express an interest in working 6M.
I suggested that he try the 6M Sprint to get his feet wet and told him
not to expect many QSO's except a few locals.

I had him print and read the rules, make up a log sheet, and set a clock to UTC.

While he was listening to "dead air" on his dipole he re-read the rules to kill time.

Couple of day later he asked me a question I couldn't answer.

The question is: If all the other Sprints run from 7 PM to 11 PM local time, how come
the 6M Sprint runs from 2300Z to 0300Z. He figured out that the West Coast was starting
at 4 PM local time while he was starting at 7 PM local time, giving the West Coast a 3hr
daylight advantage over the East Coast.

I figure is he was smart enough to ask the question, he deserves a fair answer.
"Just because that's the way rules are" didn't seem quite good enough !!!

TNX es 73
Bob, K1VU

BTW: He made 1 QSO and is looking forward to the JAN VHF Contest. I think he's hooked.

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