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The TS2000 is a good chioce for these conditions(but only with the INRAD filter addition). Use a DEMI xvtr on the 222 radio. You can even run 432 and 222 from the same TS2000, 222 from the HF 28 mhz port and 432 from the?2000's 432 port. This keeps things a little more active for what can be a slower position.
The 2000 has features such as a memory keyer and voice keyer built in. (no extra boxes to carry around.)
Many of the radios mentioned by others (and the TS2000 without the INRAD filter) do not have the rcvr front end needed in many contesting situations.

73 Paul AA4ZZ

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Kenwood TS850s?

Or a Yaesu FT897D with the 222mhz transverter mounted
in the battery bay compartment (W0ZQ has design plans
for this).

73s John AA5JG

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> I have a question that I'm sure will result in a
> multitude of answers,
> hopefully all good and all right to some degree.
> The question is.
> You are thinking about assembling a four band 50
> /144 / 222 /432
> portable contesting station and you are considering
> using identical HF
> rigs for the IF, with DEMI transverters and seperate
> amplifiers on all
> four band which one would you choose?
> Factors,
> 1) Cost obviously
> 2) Learning curve for team members (KISS) this is
> why four identical
> HF / IF radios.
> 3) Good performance in hostile environment.
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