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Because otherwise with Eskip one part of the country would be in the contest and for others it would not have started yet. I'm sure the west coast would not be happy to be working the east coast and have the east coasters getting points for the QSO's while they did not.

73 Paul AA4ZZ

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 > On Sat, 3 Nov 2007, R Johnson wrote:> > > Couple of day later he asked me a 
uestion I couldn't answer.> >> > The question is: If all the other Sprints run 
rom 7 PM to 11 PM local time, how come> > the 6M Sprint runs from 2300Z to 
300Z. He figured out that the West Coast was starting> > at 4 PM local time 
hile he was starting at 7 PM local time, giving the West Coast a 3hr> > 
aylight advantage over the East Coast.> >===============================================

erhaps the 6m sprint should be held first.  Maybe have it right before the Sept 
HF contest as a warmup of sorts.  Then there would be a greater chance for some 
s action.  Even mid-Sept still has some days with good Es activity.  Just a 

ooking forward to January,

ince - N9VN

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