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Wed Dec 3 14:52:07 EST 2008

Hi all,

I do not post often to reflectors, but this thread is important to all VHF contesters and operators.

There have been discussions for several years about making logs from VHF contests public. I have seen several posts against making logs public and I can understand that some folks feel this is an invasion of privacy. We at K8GP, have tried for over ten years to be innovative with our operating, station design, activating as many bands as we can, helping rovers build stations to work not only us but EVERY other station they can work. Several years ago we tried to alleviate QRM near 50.125 by moving to 50.145 and we encouraged others to do the same but this is a free country and some choose not to move. 

All of us at K8GP are proud of our scores: how many other stations come to mind that have worked VUCC on 10 bands in one contest, not once but twice! CQ makes the CQVHF logs public, Therefore, WE HAVE DECIDED TO MAKE ALL OF OUR LOGS PUBLIC ON OUR WEBSITE. In my opinion, making logs public adds credibility to the entire process and might even spur folks to try new  things like eme, WSJT, scatter, etc. to bolster their score. We will also make every effort  to obtain the logs of all the rovers in the area and publish their logs so there will be no doubt they are trying to keep within the spirit of the contest and work everyone they can and to show they do not participate in grid circling, pack roving, pack circling, circle jerking, captive roving or any of the other stuff that seems to be happening. Contesting is to check the effectiveness of your station, its' operators and create activity for EVERYONE, not to figure out a way to cheat the system. When you win a contest, it should b
e because you had the best station and best propagation and the best operators - not because you found a loophole in the rules.

We also extend the offer to any and all stations who do not have a website or are not members of a large VHF group such as NEWS, Packrats, Rochester, SEVHF, SMC, Northern Lights, the Texas groups, PNWVHFS, etc. that we will make a page available to post the Cabrillo file of your logs. Andy, K1RA, our web guru will whip up a fancy page with your logs available for all to see in a non-threatening, non-hostile way. We encourage all of the other VHF groups to follow suite and make your logs public. Yes, we all make mistakes and errors will be found, but that's the breaks. If you copy a call wrong or transpose a letter or number, oh well! We hope all VHF operators and groups will consider this proposal of making logs public. 

2009 will hold some new, interesting and exciting things for K8GP and marks my 30th year of VHF contesting. K8GP will continue to build our station, help others build stations, push the envelope of technology.

If you are a member of another reflector and this would be appropriate, feel free to forward.
73, Terry

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