[VHFcontesting] Type N crimpers?

David Olean k1whs at metrocast.net
Wed Dec 3 17:13:45 EST 2008

Hello Jack,
I had been using clamp type N male connectors for many years,  but recently 
switched to crimp type N s for LMR-400. I have tested them, and actually 
think they are better than the clamp type when used along with a manual wire 
stripper. It makes a better cut, and is more uniform with no loosening of 
raid as the connector gets flexed . The clamp type are touchy to assemble, 
as the braid must be carefully combed out and formed over the internal metal 
ring, or the connector works loose over time. Few people are that careful 
when assembling those connectors. I get the crimp connectors from RF 
Connection in Maryland. Joel also sells a hand coax stripper for LMR-400. 
The crimp tool I use is a RF Industries RFA 4005-020 with replaceable jaw 
inserts for different cable types. The latest version of this tool is pretty 
good. Older versions were not as strong. I broke the first one, but the 
latest one has been re designed and looks very rugged for the price. I am 
sure there are better ones, but this RFI one is good enuf.  The Crimp 
connectors stay tight and have excellent RF properties.
    I do not use the readily available "ham" solder type N connectors that 
resemble UHF connectors in their construction/assembly. I found that 
soldering them alters the VSWR and phase. They work, but I chose not to use 
them for those reasons. For lower freqs they are probably fine.  The RF 
Connection LMR-400 crimp connectors have a very nice heavy ring ferrule that 
crimps very positively. I have seen others that are much thinner and not as 

Dave K1WHS
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> Howdy,
> I'm starting to gather the tools and materials I'm going to need to run my 
> coax out to my future tower site.  I've decided to go with Type N 
> connectors at the antenna end for the VHF-UHF runs.  Do any of you have a 
> preferred brand for the crimpers for Type N connectors?
> I'm still getting past the idea that Type N connectors usually are not 
> soldered at the braid.  Are there some connectors better than others?
> By the way, I'm using LMR-400 from DEM for the coax runs.  I'm still 
> trying to decide whether to run it through conduit along the eves of the 
> house and external building or to bury it (in which case I may opt for 
> Bury Flex) in some decent underground conduit.
> ---
> I just joined this list yesterday so a tiny bit about me:
> Having been a ham since 1983, I've definitely had a chance to check out 
> many aspects of this great hobby.  Contesting was something that I got 
> into almost right away.  I've since done a stint in the Army from 88-91 
> (stationed in Germany with a callsign of DA2UI), got out went to college, 
> and 25 years later, I keep company with some of the best contesters on the 
> planet (the NCCC).  My other radio interests include QRP/kit building, 
> DXing, antenna building, satellites, meteor scatter, and getting my wife 
> KI6FYW on the air whenever I can.  We both enjoy taking our dogs camping 
> and setting up wire antennas WAYYYYYY up in the tall trees of Northern 
> California (using a pneumatic antenna launcher by Alan, WB6ZQZ).
> Hoping to get my system up and running in time for all the fun contests in 
> the VHF/UHF region.
> 73 (and KB to my fellow NCCCers)
> Jack, K6JEB
> www.k6jeb.com
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