[VHFcontesting] Great idea -- Kudos to Grid Pirates

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I wonder the same thing.  Take our grid circle buddies for example.  The winner of the limited rover category had exactly 77 QSOs in each of the 4 microwave bands in which he operated.  Is there any doubt as to how that happened?  Nope.  We all know his log for each band will reveal that he only worked the same small group during the contest.  Posting his actual log will not change that. 

The only thing that it might accomplish is to bring to light some other practices.  For instance, its possible that point-hungry stations could be looking through old callsign books and picking out calls they know are not operating in VHF contests.  They could be entering those into their logs because they know there is no penalty for having a unique call in their log.  The people at the ARRL have no way to verify that a QSO was or was not made.  If the logs were public, somebody who knows those stations may call foul.  If there are multiple cases like this, it could be very ugly for those who get caught. 

As I write this, I hope I'm not touching a third rail here.  I have no idea if such a practice ever happens or if it does, how common it is.  I would hope its rare at worst.  Making logs public would reveal this pretty quickly.  It wouldn't change a thing about our rover discussion but could heap a lot of shame on unethical stations. 



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I do have one question about the open logs:  A couple of weeks ago we have a long discussion about all of the problems with contesting (especially roving) with everyone saying we need open access to logs.  Now we have it in a limited way (so far) and I want to know: 

 "How does having open access to logs fix any of these problems?" 

73s John AA5JG 

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> I am also in favor of making ARRL VHF/UHF contest logs 
> public, and I have let my VUAC rep know. 
>    This is a great idea by the Grid Pirates and I will also 
> submit 
> what I can to their repository. 
>    As the operator of well-attended SSB and FM nets on 144 
> and 146 in the Midwest, I am always looking for ways to 
> contact more potential VHF'ers, to let them know about 
> the 
> nets, and to increase overall activity on VHF.  Which may 
> also help get new contesters on the air, or motivate 
> veterans 
> who have dropped out. 
>    (Anyone who needs my net info is free to email me 
> directly 
> and I'll get you up to speed.  We're talking Wed. 
> nights for 
> SSB, and Thur. night for FM simplex.  SSB is capable of 
> working from Ohio to Kansas City, MO) 
>    Again, congrats to the Grid Pirates for taking the 
> initiative on 
> this.  No layered committees, no gnashing of teeth, just 
> action. 
> Well done. 
>     73, 
>     Todd   KC9BQA   EN63ao    40 N of Milwaukee 
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