[VHFcontesting] soviet radio service roving and public logs

frank bechdoldt k3uhf at hotmail.com
Thu Dec 4 21:29:22 EST 2008

What the grid circling is acomplishing is less activity. 
There are as many rovers as was before, but the increased activity has been in the circlers as those who tried to work everyone and still compete because the unique activity of the circlers isn’t being fixed.
There are rovers out there dropping  out because of the failure of the rule change.  If they are replaced with circlers, there is no increase in activity.  The VUAC and ARRL would have to look at the number of non repetive contacts to see if the growth of grid circling has lead to a growth of overall actity.
In christian philosphy one would see these circlers as trees that bear sno fruit.  Ham radio has a spirit and so do these contests.  The only ham radio service designed to only talk to exclusively themselves is the old Soviet Block radio service and the grid circlers.  Everywhere else (except North Korea) uses ham radio as a potential bridge of friendship and comunication. Your staion is a the tree and the spirit of our forefathers and what the spirit should be today is to share that fruit with as many people as possible.
We may end up with 25 teams of circlers working their own team members and no one at home stations.  What good would this be for the contesters as a whole. If this is what the ARRL wanted they should remove the language that says work as many people as ?ossible.  It should say work as many QSOS as possible if this is the spirit of the contest. Those who think there is no spirit in the contests are wrong.  
Publishing the logs I own as an ARRL member will show the home stations what the majority of rovers are concerned about. We are a complete ecosytem. If you want it in harmony there will be a place for traditional rovers and grid circlers alike that is separated as well as multiops and single stations.
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