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Paul Kiesel k7cw at yahoo.com
Thu Dec 4 21:56:20 EST 2008


It's worth 2 cents to me. You make a good argument for not having open logs. According to KR7O, the ARRL has already explained why they have elected to not have open logs. Sounds good to me.

Paul, K7CW

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> Date: Thursday, December 4, 2008, 6:17 PM
> I see open logs as a mixed bag. 
> On the plus side, seeing other’s log details can have
> these benefits:
> It has the possibility of reducing cheating. But all logs
> would have to be
> made open for this to work.
> It could help you understand why another station scored as
> they did to help
> you decide whether they are really “your” competition
> or not.  
> It could provide further incentive to improve the quality
> of operating and
> logging if all could see your claimed vs. final published
> score. Golden logs
> vs. crummy ones
> Provides more insight into what areas your competitor beat
> you in; this can
> be motivation to keep looking for another few dB, or adding
> another band.
> (Scanning the QSO and Mult breakdowns per band in the ARRL
> scores database
> does allow that too.)
> But public logs would also reveal:
> When did I CQ vs. S&P, or both?
> How often do I change beam direction?
> When was I on which band?
> How often did I change bands?
> Which grids produced the most contacts and on which bands?
> Did I work WSJT? If so, who did I work?  And on which band?
> And at what time
> of day?
> When was the best time to catch those VE2 multipliers?
> Did I sleep? If so, when did I start up again?
> How does the rate vary throughout the day?
> Anyone can learn all those things on their own if willing
> to put in the
> effort; why would I want to hand out my hard-learned
> strategies and tactics
> to any armchair or deep-pockets competitors? I do consider
> contest station
> building and operating as serious fun, but I do openly
> trade stories and
> projects and tips with competitors on the air, in person,
> or in one to one
> e-mail- that is fun too. But to just put out the log for
> open analysis by
> anyone, anywhere, anytime has a different feel to it. Am I
> kidding myself
> that I am developing better strategies? Maybe, but that is
> part of what
> keeps me coming back again and again to beat my head
> against the wall, and
> to love doing so. 
> Just my 2 cents, (probably only worth 1 ½ now…)
> 73, hope to CU in January, where I want to contact lots of
> stations in lots
> of grids!!
> Chet, N8RA
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