[VHFcontesting] Preserving the original spirit

frank bechdoldt k3uhf at hotmail.com
Sun Dec 7 20:46:19 EST 2008

I had a couple of side chats about grid circling.
>From here on out I think rover to rover contatcts should not count for anything, mults or qsos.
IE if they set the limit at 20, a team of 4 rovers will get 60 extra multipliers and qsos for working line of sight contacts.  A team of 5 could activate 2 seperate grid corners for 80 extra mults and qsos.  
Esentually this change would still give the advantage to the group who could form the largest team.
I don't think we want the awards to go to the largest team.
If it was set as zero, the only team issue would be the club who gets the most traditional rovers out there to boost everyone's scores.
I remind you that the original rovers, before there were really rovers went out to activate rare grids for all of you home stations.
The pioneers of roving did not go out to work each other, unlike some microwave activities where thats the only way.
The VUAC and ARLL CAC needs to preserve the spirit of those pioneers and ensuure there is a difference between team roving (grid circling) and traditional rovers.
Ask yourself this:  if line of sight qso grid circling had been the original intention of the first rovers, would it be a class in this contest?
This is what I mean about spirit of a contest.
Merry Christmas.
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