[VHFcontesting] rf problem

Christopher S Peightal peightalhead at msn.com
Sat Dec 13 00:03:08 EST 2008

I am having alittle problem.  I have one tower that has my 6 meter yagi on it.  It is a M2 6M7JHV and I have another tower about 35-40 feet away from that with my 2-1296Mhz antennas on that.  The problem is when I have the 6 meter antenna pointing towards the other tower running about 400 watts and with the 2 meter radio and amp on some RF is coming down the 2 meter coax and of course triggering the 2 meter amp.  The 2 meter antenna is a few feet higher than the 6 meter antenna.  My question is what filters if any do you guys recommend to surpress this problem.  The only filter I have in line right now for 2 meters is a DCI filter but that is for intermod problems.   Hope I was clear enough to understand.  thanks, chris, ka3zls.

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