[VHFcontesting] 1296 Amp (Coaxial Relays)

Les Rayburn les at highnoonfilm.com
Wed Dec 17 16:40:30 EST 2008

Wow! My in-box is filled with responses to my earlier question about T/R switching for my 1296mhz amp. I'm printing them all out and studying them now. The common theme was that I needed to get relays for the purpose. 

As luck would have it, local VHF guru, Jimmy Long, W4ZRZ has given me two boxed, like new Coaxial Relays. These are model CX-520D type. They have type "N" connectors, and work from 12VDC. I found the following fax sheet on the web about these. 


So, I assume these would work for my application? I'd like to use the pre-amp at the antenna, but it's the Icom model, which requires 12VDC through the coax. I should have mentioned that earlier. 

Given the new information, I'd appreciate any updates on how this might alter anyone's earlier recommendations. Again, I can't express how grateful I am for all the help and encouragement. 


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