[VHFcontesting] N3NGE Active from FN20bd in January Contest

K3EGE at aol.com K3EGE at aol.com
Mon Dec 29 14:29:10 EST 2008

Multi-op station N3NGE will be on for the Jan VHF Contest from grid  FN20bd  
near Morgantown, PA on bands 6 thru 10G with lots of power and  big and high  
Rovers - if you are within range of FN20bd, please send us your   
planned route, what bands you will be operating and estimated dates/times  
plan to be in each grid  as well as any coordination  frequency you  use and 
will look for you. 
We will also be operating WSJT on 6 and 2  meters during the 
wee  hours of Sunday Morning.  Skeds are welcome.

Gook luck to everyone  in the contest.

Bill - K3EGE for the N3NGE Contest  Team

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