[VHFcontesting] Dumb question about Mirage amp

Tom Carney tomc at carneysugai.com
Sat Jan 5 14:38:20 EST 2008

John Geiger wrote:
> Unless you want to run WSJT on 2m/70cm.  I would not
> want to run an Icom 7000 for extended periods of time
> on a full duty mode-it would cook the rig.  Turn the
> 7000 down to 8 watts or so and let the amp do the
> work.  I used such a setup for several years with a
> yaesu FT100D.
> 73s John AA5JG

I'm surprised that even eight watts doesn't drive a B310 into severe 
splatter land.  Most of the the Mirage amp are already non-linear at 
rated input.  Isn't the rated input of a 310 three watts?

I drive my 5016G with about 35 watts as a result.


Tom K6EU aka K6EU/r

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