[VHFcontesting] Stamp Increase Jan 14, 2008 (from Canada)

Nate Duehr nate at natetech.com
Mon Jan 7 23:51:25 EST 2008

Jim Worsham wrote:
> The problem is an eQSL can't be used for anything except look at it and LotW
> is far from free.
> 73
> Jim, W4KXY 

Other than membership in the only organization that supports hams 
nationwide and sponsors most of the VHF contests...


Do they charge for LotW these days?  Maybe I missed something.

I was just replying to the ham that sent the postal increase info for 
Canada with an off-the-cuff comment that any sort of electronic logging 
sure looks "better" these days than paying for postage.

I don't know what the ultimate solution is.  Just a comment.

So far I have one person who e-mailed me direct asking what Canada's 
rate increase was going to be (see the previous guy's e-mail, I guess) 
and this reply that LotW isn't free.

Okay, mmm... whatever.  Just thought it might drum up some conversation 
on the "future" of logging contacts.  QSL cards still rock, and make 
great "wallpaper", for sure.  But the costs associated with them is 
kinda getting annoying to my budget, making them "less fun" than they've 
been to me personally, anyway.

"Less fun" is not the direction I want my hobby to go, if ya know what I 
mean!  (GRIN)

Nate WY0X

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