[VHFcontesting] FW: IRLP/Echolink/DStar contest ruling

Joe Serocki joeserocki at gmail.com
Tue Jan 8 10:41:52 EST 2008

While I am not sure I agree or disagree with the ruling, this is the ruling
from On High.


I love IRLP but to be honest I think radio is radio and we as hams should be
focusing on a more global radio based infrastructure than being the slackers
we have been and using the commercially available landline based Internet.


Anyone remember the old days of the IP based packet networks? To me what is
the next step, using radio based networks to pass IP traffic over longer


Just my personal opinion.


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Hi Joe-


Here is my interpretation.


The General Rules for all ARRL Contests state:


3.10. The use of non-Amateur Radio means of communication (for example,
Internet or telephone) to solicit a contact (or contacts) during the contest
period is not permitted.


As IRLP and Echolink use the internet as a conduit, these methods would be
prohibited to coordinate or distribute any kind of information DURING THE
CONTEST that would pertain to QSO information, multipliers, frequencies,
Grid locators of stations, scheduled QSOs, or anything else that would
contribute to increasing a score of any contest entrant in any way. 


If you're just trying to figure out who is going QRT for lunch or dinner,
why not just use a cell phone?




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From: Joe Serocki [mailto:joeserocki at gmail.com] 
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Subject: IRLP/Echolink/DStar contest ruling




I still do not have an answer to this issue. Are these modes allowed for
contest coordination?



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