[VHFcontesting] W4SHG January VHF SS Plans and Bands

Steve Gilmore shg at midatlanticbb.com
Wed Jan 16 21:36:55 EST 2008

Hello all for the cold abyss of FM18hk in Virginia

Well it appears that everything here is working and I should be on from 6M
to 10G from my little dungeon at home here in FM18hk.

Hopefully Saturday will bring some form of precepition in which the 5G and
10G may bounce off of otherwise unless the space shuttle now has 10G I again
probably won't get to anyone on those bands. 

However I will try and now with 8 watts on 10G and the new dish who knows.

Good to see all the rovers going out, be careful and stay safe.

The coffee pot is ready, the basement is cleaned up, the portable W4SHG/R
tower is on the Expedition for the 10G stuff and the weekend is coming. 

I hope to hear lots of activity.

Remember - "Listen for the weak ones" (W3IY) I certain fit into that

Steve Gilmore - W4SHG

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