[VHFcontesting] Skyling Drive may be closed

k4gun at comcast.net k4gun at comcast.net
Thu Jan 17 17:40:03 EST 2008

Skyline Drive is closed today due to snow and ice.  It should be warm enough tomorrow to melt everything, but there is another system due to hit on Saturday.  If that system closes Skyline Drive, I will have to modify my rover route.  It will not be a huge change, but will prevent any decent views to the West and North West.  

Alternate plan B:

Start at parking lot of abandoned hotel on Route 17, near Winchester VA in FM09xb.  Spend a few minutes to gather a few QSOs and move to Chester Gap in FM08wu.  This spot is at 2000 ft with good East, North East and South East views.  It will take 30 to 50 minutes to get to this spot and I'll stay until 5:00 or until I stop getting new QSOs.  I'll then be back on my previous schedule with the drive to VA Beach via Charlottesville.


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