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Mon Jan 21 13:54:10 EST 2008

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Call: K1TEO

Operator(s): K1TEO

Station: K1TEO

Class: Single Op HP


Operating Time (hrs): 27


Band QSOs Mults


6: 232 50

2: 360 45

222: 110 35

432: 149 36

903: 43 15

1.2: 55 18

2.3: 26 12

3.4: 15 7

5.7: 5 3

10G: 7 4



Total: 1002 225 Total Score = 433,350

Club: Northeast Weak Signal Group


Good start to the contest - some Es to Florida on 6M, good activity, and 

conditions were about normal for the wintertime. 5 hours in I had over 300 Q's

and 100 grids and was well ahead of last year. About 9pm it seemed the

conditions changed (it started snowing lightly and the wind picked up). The

rest of the night was very slow and signals were much weaker. With little

activity I went to sleep a good deal earlier than normal so was well rested for


Sunday was very cold (It was 15 - 20 degrees colder than Saturday) and windy

creating high line noise on 6 and 2. Add in poor condx and it was a lot of work

to keep any kind of rate. Still, the QSO and grid totals stayed well ahead of

last year until the early afternoon. It's nice for football fans in the

Northeast to have 2 games to get excited about, but it sure does effect

activity. In 2006 and 2007 I averaged 32 QSO's an hour for the last 10 hours.

This year - 23.5! Thank goodness condx actually improved in some directions

during the late afternoon helping pick up some new grids and keep things

interesting. QSO and grid totals ended up slightly from last year. 

On a positive note, after several rig failures during the September contest,

there were no major problems this time around. And somehow I managed, for the

first time in years, not to be sick during the January contest. Sure made

staying awake -even with slow rates - a lot easier! 

Tnx very much to the rovers who braved the cold, especially KJ1K, K1DS,N2MH,

VE3OIL and K2TER. And, tnx for all the QSO's. 

CU in June.

73, Jeff K1TEO


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