[VHFcontesting] Regulaton question

Bill Burgess ve3cru at rac.ca
Wed Jan 23 08:05:40 EST 2008

In Canada, we are to have our license on display at our ham station, and carry a copy of our license when operating any radio equipment away from home.

When our license is issued, it comes as a certificate suitable for framing for the wall.  Included in the mailing is a perforated tear out wallet size official document to carry as proof of license and stating the level of license held.  It can be upgraded, and will be reissued without cost by Industry Canada on request.

In 5 years of rovering, I have never been interrogated by the police at a roving site.  My first stop was in Troy NY on the way home from Mt. Greylock.  The officers first words when I got out of my vehicle to meet him were "excuse me sir, I hope you are not offended at me stopping you but I just got to know what all those antennas on your roof are for."  Spent 15 minutes chatting, showed him a bunch of NE8I qsl's and parted with a smile and a handshake.

Last year, looking for a restaurant in a town, I was spotted by a cop who wanted to know if I could receive police and cell phone calls (they use cell too).  Told him no, and explained that other rovers frequent the area too for contests so not to be surprised by them.

Best way to disarm the police is by telling them they are welcome to stop by your sites anytime.


Bill   VE3CRU/R

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