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None of these are legit. Period. I confirmed this with the ARRL. Using an
non-radio means to communicate or coordinate schedules during a contest is
against the rules.

The question is not how to enforce the rules, but what it takes to make the
people abide by the rules and the charter of the contest, honorably. Have we
so lost our honor that cheating on a Ham Radio contest is acceptable to win?

Let's move on to this: there is a local club that hosts Field Day and
generally wins their classification. That's cool. They take months to
prepare. That's OK. They get tower trucks and generators and cable it all
up, which makes for a fantastic operation. They take their equipment from
the permanent location and place it on a set of tables in the same building,
no more than 50 feet from it's normal location and claim an A
classification. Is that legal? Not sure? Ethical? I don't think so, the
spirit of the contest was to prepare for an emergency, not set up tables.

Our clubs go out of their way to not only keep within the rules, but also to
keep within the spirit of the contest. Maybe we are obsessive, maybe we are
dinosaurs, maybe we are just plain foolish, but at least we are honorable
and can honestly look at ourselves in the mirror without disgust!

 that being said, you guys tell me what's legit and what's fair and what's
honorable. Maybe I am a dinosaur from times past. Just don't send whine at
me, because I warned you up front.

You are welcome to reply privately to me at joserocki at gmail.com if you want
rather than the list

On 1/24/08, Ron Klimas WZ1V <wz1v at sbcglobal.net> wrote:
> Thinking over this past contest, I'm a bit perplexed about a few observed
> internet related practices:
> 1. Viewing Pingjockey while operating WSJT. I did. There were people
> making
> skeds during the contest. Is that legit now?  How about posting statements
> like "Calling CQ now on .140" ?  Is that really OK?
> 2. APRS Rover tracking. Findu.com and the like. Did everyone check this
> out? I looked at it right before the contest and could see where all the
> rovers were. Very nice! What I don't understand is why can't everyone view
> this? I don't think this is spotting. It's geographic information, ie. is
> the rover behind schedule getting to his first spot or is he already
> there?
> It doesn't spot their operating frequency or anything like that. If it's
> legit for anyone to simply view Pingjockey, why is it not ok for Single
> Ops
> to view this? Is it just me or has the definition of "assisted" become
> unclear?
> BTW, got a real kick out of the guy saying he was a WI-FI rover, look for
> my CQ's on 802.11b channel 3! Is that really in the amateur portion of the
> band?
> Did anyone work him? Am I missing something here or should we all be
> looking at how to modify our wireless cards for use with a linear
> amplifier? CQ Wifi DX! Let me through your firewall pleeze, I promise not
> to give disease!
> -73, Ron WZ1V
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