[VHFcontesting] Help mounting a new radio in a new car

Frank M. Huminski k2sqs at comcast.net
Tue Sep 16 13:39:49 EDT 2008

I haven't tried the attached mounts - but they look very interesting.  
If anyone has tried I'd appreciate feedback.  But it looks as if they 
may be one solution.


Kelly Johnson wrote:
> Sorry for the slightly off-topic post, but I figured this group would
> be the best for this question....
> I just bought a new car...a relatively expensive one.  I have an
> FT-7800R dual band FM rig that I want to mount.  I put the radio in
> the trunk, but I'm having trouble figuring out a good way to mount the
> head.  I tried a "seat bolt" mount, but that won't work with my power
> seats.  I do NOT want to drill holes.  I do NOT want to use any kind
> of sticky tape or glue that won't be easy to remove later or will
> otherwise damage the upholstery or dash or whatever.  I don't really
> want a windshield suction cup mount because it is illegal in
> California AND more importantly it will leave the control wire
> exposed.  I don't want something that looks like the typical homemade
> ham radio mount built out of pine and nails :-)   Finally, I don't
> want to pay $800 to the car stereo installer who offered to build a
> customer designed mount to fit in place of the cigarette lighter that
> will never be used.
> Any great ideas?  I tried velcro, but the sticky side of the velcro
> wouldn't stick to the dash where I wanted to put it.
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