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Christopher Burke chris at n9yh.com
Wed Dec 2 22:40:40 PST 2009

Simple enough: "Visual aids such as night-vision are not considered a stage
of electronic detection."

That doesn't let you decode Morse code through night-vision goggles, but it
also doesn't preclude the use of night-vision (or whatever else) in your
receiver, as long as you include some other stage of electronic detection.

73!  Chris N9YH

On Wed, Dec 2, 2009 at 1:40 PM, Hare, Ed W1RFI <w1rfi at arrl.org> wrote:

> A distance of 1 km using laser may be too easy, but at 301 GHz, it would
> not be trivial.
> I wonder if a requirement that a light signal be demodulated to sound or
> to a computer input would eliminate the night-vision-goggle effect?  You
> don't want a rule that would preclude detecting a signal electronically
> and using that detected signal to operate a light, swing a meter or some
> other visually observed method.  A deaf person may detected an on/off
> keyed laser and turn it to a blinking light; a blind person may detect
> it and turn it to a buzzer felt with a fingertip, etc.
> By the time all of these "what ifs" are addressed in the rule, however,
> it would be orders of magnitude more complex than it need be, and
> someone may still find a loophole.
> Ed Hare, W1RFI

Chris Burke
chris at n9yh.com

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