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Ron Klimas WZ1V wz1v at sbcglobal.net
Wed Dec 2 09:30:55 PST 2009

Well it wasn't a candle flame but I was close. Here's the link to the 
article if anyone's interested: 

Hey Kent you may be onto something, I remember reading an article 
years ago in one of the electronics magazines where someone figured 
out how to modulate a candle flame within an electromagnetic field. 
They called it "flame-powered speaker" as it also produced sound - 
which for us provides built-in monitor/sidetone function as a bonus!
-73, Ron WZ1V

At 09:42 AM 12/2/2009, Kent Britain wrote:
>Not at all!
>On a dark night you can see a candle at 1 km.
>With small telescope, well beyond that.
>You could even run FSK!
>Have two candles and put a shutter on only one of them!
>In 1898 the US Army Signal Corp ran a 204 mile communication
>hop between a mountain in Utah and one in Arizona using
>Helostats.   Basically mirros and a shutter.
>Kent WA5VJB
>John D'Ausilio wrote:
> >if the league strengthened the minimum distance "suggestion" into a
> >hard rule, that would eliminate most flashlights and all candles :)
> >
> >de w1rt/john
> >
> >
> >
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