[VHFcontesting] The meaning of coherence [was: [WSVHF] [VHF] VUAC Seeks Input]

Ev Tupis w2ev at yahoo.com
Thu Dec 3 02:31:11 PST 2009

As this thread becomes more incoherant (many of us don't belong to all of the lists cc'd, so our replies will be missed)...I keyed in on the actual request, "to determine if the rule should be modified to make it clearer as to the meaning of coherence."

Dear VUCC,
You have the advantage.  We don't know...

... the intent of the rule's presence in the first place.
... the what way(s) in which the meaning of the term being misunderstood
... what problems this causes for you.

As a result, our commentary is "all over the board".  Could you clarify these three points?

Ev, W2EV


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