[VHFcontesting] The meaning of coherence [was: [WSVHF] [VHF] VUAC Seeks Input]

Joseph Nieves n2tee73 at yahoo.com
Sun Dec 6 12:24:34 PST 2009


Fiber-optics terminate at my home for Internet and phone service.  While the transmission medium is light based when I pick up the phone receiver, the human communication factor is always audible.  To eliminate smoke signals and garage door openers, how about just limiting QSOs to something like:

"Electronic devices capable of emitting and receiving audible transmissions..."

Still gets a bit sticky since my description above would technically make legal electronic drum sets  :)

In all seriousness, come up with a consensus on the spectrum's real world "high bar" for audible radio waves as opposed to light waves medium.  When an enterprising ham breaks the "high bar" barrier, you move the contest goal post as well.


Joe Nieves, N2TEE


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