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The digital modes qualify since the output medium is audible radio waves - not light - which is being received/transmitted.  Same goes for television since the medium is inherently audible as well.  Granted, the final communication is visual since I've never purposely tried to decipher these modes by ear alone  :)

My original thinking was the case for flashing signals with a polished mirror.  While  not defined as radio, it is a valid form of communication - as are the smoke signals I mentioned previously.  A visible laser like emission shone across two mountain peaks at a blackboard can only be deciphered visually since there is no human audible component.

The audio provision seems to me a reasonable theorem, yet it's solely my own and unscientific.  I am not trained in this subject, so my approach is from a layperson's perspective.

Thanks for helping me exercise the gray matter  :)

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You say "audible transmissions" - so no RTTY, WSJT or PSK31 would be 
allowed.... Is that what you mean?

You also say "the human communication factor is always audible" so I guess 
you don't watch any TV or read (this) email on you computer monitor coming 
into your home over the fiber-optic cable - is that TV only "audible 
communication" ?

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Fiber-optics terminate at my home for Internet and phone service.  While the 
transmission medium is light based when I pick up the phone receiver, the 
human communication factor is always audible.  To eliminate smoke signals 
and garage door openers, how about just limiting QSOs to something like:

"Electronic devices capable of emitting and receiving audible 

Still gets a bit sticky since my description above would technically make 
legal electronic drum sets  :)

In all seriousness, come up with a consensus on the spectrum's real world 
"high bar" for audible radio waves as opposed to light waves medium.  When 
an enterprising ham breaks the "high bar" barrier, you move the contest goal 
post as well.


Joe Nieves, N2TEE

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