[VHFcontesting] A cool VHF/UHF Simplex Contest...

n8ofs at mjbrowns.com n8ofs at mjbrowns.com
Thu Dec 10 12:36:46 PST 2009

> And it is NOT limited just to the Milwaukee area!


> It's lots of fun, very fast paced and it only requires 2.5 of hours to
> fully participate!

The ONLY problem I have with the Contest is Wisconsin's band plan for 6
Meters...  No 52.525, they want ya to use 52.53...  You key up on 52.53
around here, and your gonna hear about it...  The next "channel" would be
52.55, which is where I'll be in the Contest...  I'll sit in the pickup
truck for a half an hour...  :)

Gimme a good Contest with 6 Meters, and I'm THERE...

> 73
> Mike WB8BZK/R

Andy N8OFS (EN91ae) GOT6???

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