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The vast majority of the upper band contacts are made in an effort to inflate scores in ARRL contests by grid circling rovers.  The House sub committee should subpoena the VHF contest logs from the ARRl and look at the behavior of the grid circlers and captive rovers to determine if ham radio is using these frequencies in a way that benefits all the citizens of the united states that own the spectrum.



Its time to use it for a real purpose or give most of it back to people who will use it to benefit society in general.  And yes evil corporations benefit society by keeping the economy going, like them or not.  Ham radio operators have a long history of integrity, we should not allow the misrepresentation of the use of these uper frequencies to protect the scores of 10-20 operators in a contest to stand in the way of using these bands for the good of all americans.  We don't need more than a few mhz per band above 2.3 ghz.  


All hams and especially ARRL vhf users or not should be outraged by what is going on in the upper microwave bands in the name of ham radio.


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A Major Discussion Event: "Use It or Lose It" has been very active on the W6YX/Stanford VHF reflector since Wed. morning, 30Dec2009.
"Use It Or Lose It"  pertains to Amateur Radio Frequencies, particularly those above 1200 MHz,  as well as comments made by consultant, Dr. Dale Hatfield , who has been testifying before the US House Subcommittee on Broadcast  Spectrum Allocation. The hearing concerns the inventory of current  spectrum
 and what different methods should be considered to help those industries  that  are in need of additional spectrum.
The posted discussions on this subject have been posted by a number of well known weak signal amateur radio operators, most of whom have many years of amateur and professional experience with microwave and up frequencies. 		 	   		  
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