[VHFcontesting] Contesting Philosophy

Fred Lass felasstic at yahoo.com
Sun Mar 1 13:03:20 PST 2009

Hi Dustin;

With two years of VHF contesting experience you already understand the crux of the issue.

Those who cut their teeth on VHF/UHF know that the equipment, paths, antennas, and frequency make some scheduling normal.

Those who operate HF feel that such operating style is unethical.  I agree.  I do not make schedules for HF contests.

In my opinion, the problem arises when you attempt to blindly apply normal HF practices to VHF contest rules.  The strong language seldom comes from a person who began his hobby in VHF.     

73,  Fred  K2TR

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OK I am a youngster (25) who has been into VHF and VHF contesting
seriously for about 2 years now.
That said, I was under the impression that the primary purposes of skeds
was for real long haul stuff ie.meteor scatter and EME.
Now if that is so than how would that hurt contest activity? I mean how
much time does a station really spend on MS or EME during a contest?

Just my $0.02
Thanks for your time,

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