[VHFcontesting] IC706MK2G finals

John Kemker john at kemker.org
Fri Mar 13 08:57:54 PDT 2009

Todd Dravland-WD0T wrote:
> Guys,
> Thanks all for your reply.  And you are correct, the radio still has full power on 2m and 432, so I use it there.  Now have to come up with a good 6m rig or transverter.  
> Appreciate all the comments and help, the consensus is that the Motorola finals are no longer available, and its a board swap at 500-600 dollars to make it work on HF/6m full power again.  Just too much money to put into that radio.
> 73, thanks
> Todd,WD0T
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    A 100W 6m amplifier shouldn't be too difficult to homebrew.  Check 
Communications Concepts for several amplifier designs that cover HF-6m.  
They have a 20W driver amp you can get the parts for $103 
(http://www.communication-concepts.com/an779L.htm) or for $302, you can 
get 10MHz through 150MHz and 300W with this 
(http://www.communication-concepts.com/ar313.htm) amplifier.

73 de W5NNH

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