[VHFcontesting] My Proposal to the VUAC

Ron Hooper w4wa at alltel.net
Tue Mar 17 11:25:25 PDT 2009


I think Marshall's proposal was for adding an assisted category not
eliminating the categories we have now.
>From the way your comments read, it appears you believe EVERYONE will start
operating as an assisted station. Can you clarify if I understood this

You mentioned that you have operated at HF multi-op stations. Is that where
you operated assisted to have formed the basis for your comments?

The amount of contacts you suggest that could be made on the Internet seemed
to be a lot more than I remember.

>How are you operating your radio if you find
>all the stations you "work" via the internet?  How fun is that?

In most multi op HF contest that I have ran, less than 5% of the contacts
came from the Internet. We usually called CQ 95 % of the time with high
power and large antennas. If the rate dropped below a certain level we would
switch to S&P. I suppose you could S&P the whole contest from the Internet
spots if you did not care about winning or was satisfied with a low rate.
Your right, that does not sound like much fun.


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