[VHFcontesting] Refreshing thought for a change? Thoughts from EM78

James French w8iss at wideopenwest.com
Tue Mar 17 18:29:10 PDT 2009


Jeff, finally someone after my own heart and opinions about the

I have been operating with Steve WB8WSF and the W8PGW VHF+ contest group
for the past couple of years on the 6M thru 1.2GHZ minus 900MHz and I
have had MORE fun there than during any of the Nov. Sweeps that I have

First of all, I was welcomed into the group as someone that could
help out with making contacts which I have over the past few years
by just being lucky and in the right place and band at the right time.
I have pulled some stations out of the noise while I have had PLENTY
of help from Steve, WB8WSF, to pull contacts out of the ether! Is that
considered ASSISTED? If so, let it be by all means!!! That's how I learn
at least.

Second, I am working on helping add more bands and capabilities to
the station with more microwave bands and more digital modes for those
extra points. Is that assisted? YUP!! OH FRACKING well!!! 

Third, I am just out there for the FUN of it and WILL continue to do
this until for some reason it ain't no fun anymore which I don't see
that happening in the near future!!!

Fourth, does using the Hepburn charts constitute ASSISTED? 

Fifth, to those stations that just can't or don't want to believe in
assisted ANYTHING...  PLEASE GET A LIFE!!!! As Jeff said,



BTW, here's a rule I would like to see added:
All the winners of every catergory cooks a big Spaghetti dinner for all
the losers that attend Dayton each year!!! I like LOTS of meatballs with
mine.   :)

To paraphrase a saying: Can't we all get along????

James W8ISS

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