[VHFcontesting] Updated Items for Sale

N8UM n8um at comcast.net
Wed Mar 25 05:14:23 PDT 2009

Bird 43 slugs for sale, all in like new condx, I am original owner. $60 each (all plus $5 shipping CONUS)

500A               25-60 MHZ                   500W                                                

500C               100-250 MHZ               500W

250D               100-500 MHZ               250W

25C                 100-250 MHZ                  25W

10A                 25-60 MHZ                      10W

CD 820B140   130-150 MHZ                 250mW

Bird blank aluminum slug - $10


Bird 43 meter - replacement meter without case or rubber gasket - like new, excellent condx, $70 I pay shipping.


Bird 43 single line section - same single element section as used in Model 43.  Supplied with mounting bracket, 2 QC connectors (you specify N or UHF female) and genuine connector cable, you specify length, 3, 10 or 20 feet.  Like new condition.  Original owner $120

Heil microphone connection cable (CC-1) for Kenwood (red) or Yaesu (yellow) - $25 + $8 shipping

Heil Footswitch - simple footswitch with long cable and 1/4 inch plug.  Not FS-2 - $15 + $5 shipping

Heil PTT Handswitch - similar to old fashion gray and white hospital pain switch!  Long cord 1/4 inch plug termination & strain relief - $8 + $5 shipping

Small Heil Telescoping boom with Radioshack surface mount - $35 - $8 shipping

Radioshack Microphone spring clamp - $5 + $5 shipping

Tohtsu CX-530D 12V N to (2) BNC like new, original owner - $60

Rohn BX tower accessories for BX-2 and BX-3 sections. BXT3A, Top Plate for BX-3, BXT2A, Rohn Top Plate for BX-2 section, BX2R2A BX Rotor Shelf replacedment for section, BX3R3A Rotor Plate for BX3. $25 each plus shipping. 

John B.  N8UM  Oak Ridge, Tennessee

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