[VHFcontesting] Deadline Friday for WSJT Sprint submissions

Bill W5WVO w5wvo at cybermesa.net
Tue Mar 31 15:41:53 PDT 2009

Hi WSJTers,

Some very interesting numbers are emerging so far as I compare the March Sprint submissions thus far with the February submissions. At this point, I've received just 13 logs, compared with 27 logs for February. Not good! We need the rest of you to send in your QSO totals for the Sprint ASAP. Please!

On the up-side, however, those who HAVE submitted their logs seem to have worked a lot more stations than in the February event, as 107 QSO reports have been received compared to 137 for the whole Sprint in February. I think the general perception for this Sprint was that the activity level was even higher than in February, so there are a lot of guys out there who need to send me their Sprint reports. Remember, it's very simple: Just send me an email indicating the category you're entering (6, 2, or combined), the call signs of the stations you worked, and the miles for each QSO. Add up the mileage and that's it!

Remember, your logs must be sent to me no later than Friday evening. Results will be published on Saturday. Please help make the second Sprint as big a success as the first one was by sending me your report. Thanks!!!

Bill W5WVO

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