[VHFcontesting] Log Periodic Antenna Performance?

Sebastian w4as at bellsouth.net
Fri May 8 15:55:28 PDT 2009

Les, I'm not an attorney, but I would guess that most probably your  
neighbor was able to erect the outdoor TV antenna because it was a  
RECEIVE ONLY antenna.  I believe the same federal law allows the use  
of 18" satellite dishes because they are also receive only.

Here's what I would do.  I would go ahead and put up a similar heavy  
duty mast and rotor, except that I would put up something like an ELK  
antenna, which is typically used for handheld satellite antennas.  The  
ELK is an LPA used on 2 meters and 440 mhz.  And it's actually a  
little smaller than an average TV antenna.  Note that you will need to  
use star washers, otherwise the elements, because of the way they are  
mounted, will loosen very quickly.

I think that would make a tremendous difference from your indoor  
antennas, especially if you can get the same height your neighbor has  
on their TV antenna.  If no one complains, I would then put up a  
similar system on the other side of the house, with a small 6 meter  
yagi and 1.2 ghz antenna.

Leave those up for a while.  See if anyone complains.  If anyone asks,  
tell them you decided to watch over the air tv, no one will be the  
wiser.  I wouldn't be using 7/8 hardline for this, try getting some  
coax that you can fit INSIDE the pole, and have a hole so you can fish  
it out from the top & bottom, to make it less conspicuous.

If you signed a covenant when you bought the property, you will  
probably be out of luck getting any type of tower on your property.   
You would probably have to run for a position in your association, and  
then maybe make an exception for yourself, or if you're in there, then  
you can talk with the rest of the board and work with an attorney.

I personally would not start by trying to get permission for a 'huge'  
45 tower; while that would be the ultimate, I would start out slowly,  
and see if anyone complains!  An ELK will cost you about $100 and you  
can just grab a cheap TV type rotor at Radio Shack, but I'm sure you  
already have at least one rotor.

I also like what Paul (KG7HF) suggested, looks like we think alike.

73 de W4AS

On May 8, 2009, at 4:27 PM, Les Rayburn wrote:

> A few days ago I noticed that one of my neighbors in our deed  
> restricted neighborhood had erected an outdoor TV antenna, complete  
> with a rotor and heavy duty mast to raise it above the roof line.  
> Some polite inquires revealed that our home owners association had  
> been forced to allow the antenna under Federal Law.
> More checking, and study makes it seem like this might really be an  
> option for myself as well. Most of you know that I've been chasing  
> VUCC on 6-1.2ghz for the past year or so using nothing but an attic  
> full of indoor antennas.
> I'm now in the process of drafting a proposal to allow the erection  
> of a 45 foot tower my back yard, with a single log periodic antenna  
> and rotor. The hardline feedline would be connected to an "A/B"  
> switch to allow the signals to be routed to either my television set  
> or the ham shack.
> My basic question is what can of improvement am I likely to see over  
> the single band beams in the attic vs. a LPA? Which model would  
> offer the best performance? Is it going to be worth the trouble,  
> expense, and possible legal fees necessary?
> 73,
> Les Rayburn, N1LF
> EM63nf
> 121 Mayfair Park
> Maylene, AL 35114
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