[VHFcontesting] VHF Simplex Test during June Contest Advice

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I would go with 146.55 or 146.49 for 2m.   146.52 is, of course, off 
limits in contesting...


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Les Rayburn wrote:
> In an effort to promote VHF contesting, the use of simplex for emergencies, and provide a fun activity, I'm planning to encourage Alabama ARES to 
> conduct a "Simplex Test" on June 13th, sometime late in the afternoon for a two hour period. Objective will be to allow stations to gauge the range of their stations using simplex, encourage contacts with contest operators to show them what's possible, and stimulate interest in VHF/UHF operations beyond just the repeaters. 
> Some questions: 
> 1. What frequencies would you recommend for 2 Meters, 222, and 432? 
> 2. Exchange is grid squares obviously. I plan to use this to educate folks about antenna polarization issues, and will also encourage some hill-top operations to extend the range. I tried this last year, and many stations were excited to work some of the "big gun" contesters at distances of 60 miles or more. 
> 3. Any suggestions on how to make this a better experience for the FM operators and hopefully move them into weak signal modes? 
> 4. Any suggestions on how to make this more of a learning tool for emergency operations? 
> I plan to monitor the suggested simplex frequencies all day from my rover vehicle using a high gain vertically polarized antenna. Obviously most contest stations won't be able to change their polarity that easily, but still long range contacts (for FM) should be possible during the event. 
> Any other suggestions welcome. 
> 73,
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