[VHFcontesting] E Skip Season ALWAYS begins in August

Jerry Siegmund jer.sieg at shaw.ca
Fri May 15 14:51:23 PDT 2009

Nice Contact Les.. I have lucked out a couple times early in the season 
here as well.. May 5 gave me a couple hour opening.. wrkd about 25 or 
so.. Started in AZ / NM area.. then W into W6.. then again on the 13th 
into Phoenix / Tucson for about an hour ! Even managed a few New Grids  
as well ! Looks like we are heading into a 'Good Start' we hope..! Maybe 
we can get lucky later in the Season and get an East Coast opening.. 
only saw One last season.. 73
Jerry VE6CPP

Les Rayburn wrote:
> After finally working W9SE on WSJT Meteor Scatter this morning, I was rewarded with another treat. As I spun the knob to 50.125, I was greeted with a big, booming voice that said, "QSYing to 135". I followed the voice, and instantly recognized K5HCT (Here Comes Texas). 
> After he signed, a quick call resulted in a nice QSO and then another with his neighbor, W5NQH. 
> August was my first ever 6 Meter E-Skip contact just over a year ago on May 13, 2009. I know there are a number of beacons on the Magic Band, but the bell weather for me is always that signal from Texas. If it's August, it must be e-skip season. Look for the band to open nicely in just a few days guys! 
> And to think, I wasted all those years on HF.... (sigh) 
> 73,
> Les Rayburn, N1LF
> EM63nf
> 121 Mayfair Park
> Maylene, AL 35114
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