[VHFcontesting] Waterproofing a gamma match

John Kemker john at kemker.org
Mon May 18 06:36:40 PDT 2009

Or, you could do like my Elmer taught me and put down a layer of 3M 
electrical tape, followed by a layer of Scotchkote (that's the 
"waterproofing gunk") followed by another layer of electrical tape.  
Rework involves a sharp knife and new tape and gunk.

jcplatt1 at mmm.com wrote:
> Gamma matches work well.  One method (and there are many) for waterproofing
> that I like is to wrap the connection, or open end, with 3M electrical tape
> making sure to overlap your winding and pull it tight as you go.   Then
> spray the tape down with a clear over-coat enamel or Krylon - this seals
> the edge of the tape.  Let it dry a few minutes and give it a second
> wrapping of electrical tape.   I do this with all of my outside connections
> and it works great - the advantage is that your can cut the tape with a
> knife for rework (unlike the waterproofing gunk (that also works well)).
> It should have minimal or no interaction with the gamma match.
> 73, Jon
> W0ZQ

73 de W5NNH
10X 75371/M&M 117/SMIRK 6185/TRA 2499/Norcross 228 F&AM

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