[VHFcontesting] answer for jim and the other question about proof

Jim Forsyth mail at jimforsyth.com
Wed May 27 21:39:50 PDT 2009


I think we made a breakthrough. Yes it's pack roving not grid circling. Now 
you can complain about what they are actually doing instead of something 
they are not doing.

Jim, AF6O

> Jim,
> I will say it again, Wayne’s group is known for their grid circling I 
> acknowledge that they may not circle the same points of dirt anymore.  Now 
> that it has been modified,  they would have to be idiots to grid circle 
> because they would hit 100 qsos 4 times quicker than they would hit 100 
> multipliers with an partner station.  The bulk of the unethical practice 
> of grid circling remains the same and no matter how you pick at the 
> definition this remains truly controversial.   They are much closer to 
> pack rovers who only work themselves and some home stations like yours 
> Jim.  If the ARRL writes back I will clarify that for you.
> So in stead of robbing us blind they are just robbing us, the ethical 
> issue of working themselves as a team for a vast majority of their qsos 
> and all of their multipliers remains the same.
> Someone asked about the proof
> I put out comparisons of the log entry summaries last fall and winter 
> showing how the limited rovers had nearly identical number of qsos and the 
> same number multipliers.  What is the chance of this happening in a group 
> traveling together if they are not just working themselves for most if not 
> vitrtually all of their contacts.   There is still a shadow of a doubt 
> this could of happened by chance, but it only can be cleared up by posting 
> the logs that we as ARRL members own.  They also boast of their behavior 
> on their webpage.
> This pushback on the ethics issue is like my kid pushing back when I scold 
> him for calling someone a horse’s butt and he responds that he technically 
> used no dirty words for a 1st grader.
> k3uhf
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