[VHFcontesting] stuff 4-sale --

Vic wb4slm at cox.net
Wed Nov 4 17:54:55 PST 2009

Shameless plug --  for those going to Lawrenceville, GA Hamfest -- 

A pickup truck load just makes a dent in the "Stuff" I've accumulated over the past 40 years--- 

I'm selling off my old and very faithful 2 meter Henry 2002, manual & used spare valves included -- 
Also a 432 Henry 2004 that I've used for couple years -- filter, manual & original box -- 
Beko 432 - 120w amp, bought used & never used --
Several 7213 tubes, 4cx250, 4cx300, two 8930's, several 8938's -- these are all pulls except for couple of the 7213's -- 
Two new, but not in box 4-1000PR .. never had heat applied -- big glow in the dark valves for that big amp I never built -- 
220 MHZ cavity with tube --  
Several old radios, including Viking Ranger & SX 96..
Several boxes of old valves including some double digit ..
Box of crystals ..
Hundred pounds of accumulation of amp parts, tube sockets, doorknobs, air caps,  etc 
Some home built "stuff" & very old "stuff" .. 
And whatever else I can load in the truck -- 

Not going QRT -- just tryin' to clear a path in the shack -- 

Cheers de SLM //

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